Wrong Lottery Numbers Displayed by Irish TV

The wrong lottery numbers were displayed on Irish TV, hopefully, nobody guessed the right numbers.

What happens when one is holding the ticket that beat the odds and they don’t even know it? The numbers on the TV screen don’t match the numbers on the ticket, so surely it is safe to assume that one has not won? Well, the answer to that is a complete and utter no.


So check those numbers again and again, from multiple sources, because the Irish State broadcaster made a mistake on live TV at the actual lottery draw – who’s to say that that was the only one? It’s one thing to see a print error. But to have wrong numbers displayed? Well, that’s another story.


The jackpot was worth €4,817,816


According to the Belfast Telegraph, the broadcast channel RTE1 apologised abundantly. Although triumphing on the lottery is usually considered a fluke win, I presume the broadcasters mumbled a quick Hail Mary when they saw the mistake they made.


Especially considering the fact that the jackpot winner could have easily deemed his or her ticket useless and just tossed it out into the bin. The channel took special care to let the viewers know at that there was a snafu in the screening and shortly displayed the correct winning numbers.