A Quail A Day Keeps The Doc Away…

For poker playing legend Doyle Brunson, the most expensive meal on the
menu turned out to be quail…

Leave it up to the pros to make up bets which are truly bizarre, although at least
this bet does not bring as severe consequences with itself as say, betting your
life’s earnings on roulette. Or your wife. (Ouch.) This is another crazy bet
between friends, and it’s a good one.

According to The Richest, Doyle Brunson, well-known poker player (he won the
first two World Series of Poker tournaments,) was a real sucker for betting…on
everything. No wonder, he had tons of money even back then. But, as he
recounts, this bet took place when he wasn’t so famous.

Beating monotony for USD 20,000


One sunny day, Doyle was approached by one of his friends with the unusual
bet: he would get USD 20,000 if he managed to eat a quail a day for 30
consecutive days. If he couldn’t go through with it, he would have to pay the
same amount to his friend.
Doyle managed to go on or 17 days and gave up. He said his reasons where
simple: “The quail looked like the size of a turkey,” by day 17. Only problem is, a
quail is teeny-tiny (about 13 ounces) compared to a turkey, which could be as big
as 30 pounds. Doyle coughed up the money and went on a non-quail diet.