Betting on the Third Royal Baby

Bookies are drafting down the odds for a prospective third royal baby’s birth


In order to keep your gambling obsession satisfied, bookies came up with new

for you to stay active in the betting field. Right now, everything is about when

Kate Middleton and Prince William are planning on having the third royal baby.


If we look at the very short time in which the Royal couple’s two children were

born, we should be expecting an announcement soon. However, raising two

children born almost right after each other must be very exhausting.


Odds aren’t too high for 2016


Nowadays, it seems like betting on a baby’s birth is not an unusual bet at all. So

let’s take a look at the odds (just for you to know what you’re getting yourself

into.) According to the Mirror, an announcement this year is really no expected,

it has odds at 33-1.


The next couple of years, however, have much higher odds, with 2016 at odds of

6-4 and 2017 at odds of 2-1. Of course, there is a slight chance that they won’t be

having another royal baby… but I think the odds for that are very low indeed.