The Wondrous World Of Weird Slots, Part II.

Are you in an experimenting mood? If the answer to this question was yes,

read on to become a weird slot pro.

Our list goes on with some of the most wonderfully crazy slot game themes that

exist today. Get ready to roll on the floor laughing!


Hoff Mania


If you know The Knight Rider and Baywatch, you most definitely know who I’m

talking about: David Hasselhoff. Yes, people, “The Hoff” has a slot game made in

his honor. For fans of his singing and acting, this game is a must. And of course it

was made by Austrians…


Planet Exotica


You wanted weird slots. You got them. If you’re into kissing aliens in an

intergalactic strip club, this will be your favorite game, for sure. Just be sure to

choose your preferred lip-kind in the slot’s “Select a Smooch” game. God help us



Judge Judy


We know that sometimes, slot themes use blockbuster movies and TV series. But

why would somebody dream up a slot machine based on Judge Judy? Aren’t slots

supposed to attract players with their coolness? I’d love to see the target

audience of this game, that’s for sure.


40 Shades of Santa


If you’re into kinky games and, quite disturbingly, Santa Claus, this is your

dream slot. If you want to relive a version of childhood trauma, play with the

game that has Santa’s little elves making sex toys. As a result, you can find the

reels teeming with handcuffs, ties and masks. No presents for you this year!