Crazy Bets Around The World

Ready to gape in surprise and horror? Yes, people actually bet on the following stuff.

As far as unusual bets go, the following five are among the top weird bets of alltime. Get ready for some multicultural craziness.


Ever heard of Kyotei? No, we didn’t of hear of it, either. But the Japanese love to place very high bets (up to billions, in fact) on power boats. Slotsofvegas reported that this is one of the most popular betting sports in Japan.


Birds? Really? Ugh, okay then. So, in Belgium, people bet huge piles of money on birdsongs. They try to determine how long the song will last and whether the bird can stay in tune.



There aren’t any unlikely odds here, that’s for sure. Keeping it simple, people in the Land Down Under bet in the game “Two-up.” Here, they bet on coin-tosses. Period.



This game really pushes my buttons (ha-ha.) There is a pile of buttons on a table, which is then separated. Participants have to bet on how many buttons are in each pile. the one who guessed the closest number, wins. Easy as pie.


United States

Oh, America… I can’t even comment on this. Here, you have the wonderful opportunity to bet on celebrity deaths. Isn’t that pleasant? According to Slotsofvegas, you can win almost USD 3000 if you guessed right. Wow.