The Wondrous World Of Weird Slots, Part I.

We are somewhat used to special games in the gambling biz… now, let’s take

a look at some slots!

Humongous, colorful, old and funny… all of the slots in our series will qualify as

special in its area. Feeling curious? Let’s go!




The name here doesn’t come as much of a surprise, because SlotZilla Zipline is

128 feet tall! It really is the Godzilla of slots. According to Vegasexperience, there

are two levels, Zoomline and Zipline and a colossal animated arm. A true giant’s

slot machine!


Huge Slot at Golden Nugget


Still in Las Vegas, this huge gold slot machine will definitely cater to your

gambling obsession. Right next to the entrance, it is a big favorite of visitors.

With four reels and a height of eight feet, this slot machine will keep you and

others around you hypnotized, that’s for sure.


Sigma Derby


Aw, this will probably bring back high school memories. According to

Vegasexperience, this is one of the two working retro mechanical slots in Vegas.

A total of ten people can bet on the horses running round the track and the

experience is simply tremendous.


Vintage slot machines


Go back in time at Main Street Casino with these old slots. Although they don’t

qualify as weird slots, they have to be mentioned. Fun fact: Vegasexperience

enlightened us that sometimes, slot machines paid winners in gum, cigars or

candy in the olden days. How awesome is that?