Wow, 50 Cent Is Bankrupt?

According to himself, 50 Cent is bankrupt. But how can one bet more than a

million USD on a box match if they’re broke? See my problem?

Even though he filed for bankruptcy, life for the rapper can’t be that hard, right?

According to CNN, he’s living on an estate he bought for USD 4.1 million

(although that was more than ten years ago…) One thing I don’t understand

though, is the fact that in March, INQUISITR posted an article saying that 50 Cent

was planning on betting a huge amount of cash on his ex-buddy, Mayweather. He

said he would bet USD 1.6 million and that he “has no doubt that Mayweather

will easily defeat power-punching Filipino champion Manny Pacquiao.” If 50

Cent is bankrupt, how could he come up with the money?


I mean, it’s true, we’ve heard of many celebrity gamblers dropping colossal

amounts of money on sports events, but not many declared bankruptcy a couple

of months afterwards! Maybe the court ruling saying that 50 Cent is supposed to

pay USD 5 million to a woman in Florida brought on this sudden decrease in his

money? Allegedly, the rapper posted a sex tape of the woman on the Internet and

that’s why she sued him. It does sound like an ugly case of gold-diggerism,

though… But who knows? In a world where people like Dan Bilzerian make a

hobby of throwing porn stars off their roof… enough said.


50 Cent is bankrupt and approximately USD 800,000 richer…


…IF he actually bet USD 1.6 million on Mayweather, he walked away with USD

800,000 in profits. Sounds real good, doesn’t it? Yes, yes, we know, that

additional USD 800,000 can quickly be spent. So what is the truth? 50 Cent’s law

firm gave the following statement according to CNN, that the rapper filed thw

papers “to continue his involvement with various business interests and

continue his work as an entertainer, while he pursues an orderly reorganization

of his financial affairs.”


What are his involvements? Let’s see… CNN reports that he managed to sell 22

million albums (you’re welcome, 50); has a music label that we all know: G-Unit

and his name can be tied to many products like EFFEN vodka and luxury

sneakers. The law firm representing the rapper also said that he will continue

with his business deals, because they will remain “unaffected.” Huh. Plus we

shouldn’t forget the Mayweather bet, which, if he really did wager USD 1.6

million, is a very bad move. It could easily be listed as the most stupid bet ever,

because it proves wonderfully that he most definitely DIDN’T go bankrupt.