Don’t Taser Your Wife, Man…

Married couple decide to bet on a football game, the result: a  and an arrest.

When I imagine this scenario in my mind, I see the husband, John Grant, looking with puppy dog eyes at his wife, his lips a bit puckered and saying (in a baby-like voice,) “Honey, may I Taser you if I win?” Well, Nicole Grant went with the worst possible answer.


It’s one thing to have a gambling obsession and bet on everything, everywhere, always. But for crying out loud, isn’t Tasering one’s spouse a teeny-weeny bit over-the-top? Yes, people, it is. If you are unable to reconcile your differences of who likes which football team, get a divorce.


She was shocked three times


According to the Daily Mail, the bet was placed over whose favourite team would win the game. John’s favorites, the Bears won, beating the Packers 27-20. The couple walked outside the bar with some friends and so started the assault. After the first shock, Nicole fell to the ground, hiding behind a friend’s legs.


John, however, kept going: he shocked her two more times although she was obviously in pain. Nicole decided to call the police and John was arrested (he had no license for the Taser whatsoever.) She also told the policemen that John threw their dog outside their semi-truck home and locked her out, too.
Well, this was a classic crazy bar bet, wasn’t it?