Ghost Rider, Or Ouch, My Head is Burning!

A man has been hospitalized due to a stupid bets with friends: his buddies lit his head on fire.


Maybe they were trying to set fire to the rain, like Adele, but mistook hard liquor for raindrops? In any case, thanks to a crazy bar bet, William Bonner had to check in to the hospital. Fun, huh. The Daily Mail reports that in a surveillance video, every part of the ill-conceived plan can be seen.


From the footage, we can see the drunk genius stand a couple of feet away from his friends (at least they had some sense of self-preservation.) Next, one of them pours a shot of booze – rum – on Bonner’s head. It took two tries to light up his head. He looked just like Nick Cage in Ghost Rider


Bonner kept running around the bar like a headless chicken


When his mistake dawned upon him and his survival instinct kicked in, Bonner tried to extinguish the flames with his hands. Then he ran to a table to pour some water on his head. This is sure to win a place among history’s weirdest bets: Bonner lit his head on fire to prove to his friends that the liquor he was drinking was able to light up.


The Lieutenant on the case stated that there will be not charges filed against William Bonner because his injuries are punishment enough. Which is completely true, because he was taken to the hospital with in critical condition.