Longest. Name. Ever

Drunk poker player agreed to a wager where his name was on the line – and lost.

For all of the people out there who hate their name… I see your pain and raise you the worst-longest name ever. I am sure that after this experience, this 22 year-old will think twice (if not three times) before sipping on an alcoholic beverage and playing poker with his buddies.


The unusual bet took place in New Zealand after two – clearly inebriated friends decided that they are going to play poker and bet on something that carries weight. They agreed, and when Mr. Frostnova lost, his life took a turn for the worst.


17-word name for the win! Or lose.

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Fun fact: according to the Daily Telegraph, there is a 100-character limit on names, which was specified by the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs. That’s the only luck this guy has ever had recently. Mr. Frostnova received his new passport just a short while ago.


We shouldn’t be surprised, crazy bar bets often lead to stories like this. But living with a name like “Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Other Superheroes Combined With Frostnova” must really be a pain in one’s backside. I mean, imagine going on a job interview with that name. Good luck with that, kid!