Moobs for Cash

In a game of poker, Zembeck was called upon to get breast implants for USD 100,000.

Ever wondered what crazy bets between friends can do to a person? I bet you never even dreamed of the possibility that a guy would get man boobs for cash. But, it did actually happen, folks. Several years ago, in 1996,  was playing poker with a friend.


I don’t think he anticipated that his friend’s next move will be to offer a wager of USD 100,000… if he got man boobs. Being the ballsy guy he is, Zembeck went and found a plastic surgeon who would perform the surgery. Turns out, the dear doctor was also an avid gambler.


Surgery for free!

Zembeck bet the surgeon and won in a game of backgammon: he received his brand new, squishy man boobs for free. Although the unusual bet was to last for only a year, Zembeck has had those 38C cups ever since and it seems like he loves them.


His wife and kids have actually grown accustomed to his them, too. His fear now is that if he decides to remove the implants, the sight will most probably not be too alluring. “When I take them out, they’re going to look like wet socks with nipples in them.” Sexy.