Betting Everything on Red

Ballsy or stupid? I literally can’t decide. Maybe it is a mixture of two, when
somebody gambles with everything he owns.

When I first heard of this, I thought it was the most stupid bet ever. There’s still
a part of me that thinks it is a really reckless move. However, knowing the
outcome, all I can say is, “Damn!” and then sit it utter silence contemplating my
life. On a sunny day, Ashley Revell got out of bed and decided that he would bet
everything he owned on the roulette in Las Vegas.

He began selling his car, his Rolex, even his childhood cricket uniform to
accumulate a total of GBP 76,840. Then, he sat on a plane and travelled to Las
Vegas for a spin at the Roulette table. With not a thing to his name, he watched
the ball spin around and made the gut choice: red.

Red on Roulette should do the trick


As he told the Telegraph about his lucky win, “They cheered and I just cheered.
Somebody ran on with a bottle of champagne and everyone was celebrating. My
friends and family were there going wild. I had won £153,680. It was just a crazy
time of complete happiness.”

Seems like this bet made his life turn around, and not only because of the money.
On a trip through Europe on a motorbike, he travelled to Holland where he met
his wife. He is married and has two kids.