Floyd Mayweather: Too Lucky to be True

A win here, a win there… Boxing star Floyd Mayweather bets like a pro and
collects dollars like there’s no tomorrow.

Floyd Mayweather is not only a star in the ring. He is blowing up as a really
famous celebrity gambler right now, too. Just type his name into Google along
with the word “gambling.” I guarantee you, the hits will talk about how he keeps
on winning absurd amounts of money.


An article on CBS talks about how he managed to accumulate a sum of USD
477,000 over a four-day period. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Mayweather spent
four days binge gambling. And came out on top. But it’s not like he needed the
money or anything.


USD 1 million per punch


It’s times like these I really wish I was a talented boxer. Or Mr. Mayweather,
along with his extremely lucky wins. CBS reports that with his match against
Pacquiao, he made around USD 180 million. When it comes to betting, he has an
affinity with sports betting, especially when it comes to boxing and basketball.


He doesn’t shy away from betting on teams during the Super Bowl, either. For
example in 2014, he allegedly bet USD 10 million and lost it. Nobody knows,
however, what really happened, because he later denied it. Oh well, even if he
lost the money, it’s not like he’ll be forced to wear clothes from Goodwill.