Michael Jordan, Hoops and Casinos

Some believe it, some say it’s bogus: there was a scandal surrounding
Michael Jordan and his gambling habits. True or false? I’ll let you decide.
The whole story is about Michael Jordan’s 18-month retirement back in 1993.
Apparently, during that year, the famous basketball player and celebrity
gambler lost and owed great amounts of money: USD 165,000 and USD 1.25
million. While this does not directly mean that he has gambling problems, some
people think that he was suspended for it.
According to the Business Insider, he spent some time at an Atlantic City casino
just a day before playing in an Eastern Conference final against the New York
Knicks. He accumulated a debt of USD 165,000, owing the money to two of his childhood friends.

Was Jordan’s “retirement” really a retirement?

Another friend, Richard Esquinas, made it public knowledge that Jordan owed
him a whopping USD 1.25 million that piled up thanks to golf wagers.
Some believe that Jordan was forced into retirement (which was actually a
temporary suspension) due to his gambling obsession.


Truth be told, he is often found at high-stakes games or playing golf even
currently. And, we all know from the stories, that he lives and breathes for
betting, even if it is just about a bet with friends at the airport. However,
regarding the suspension story, one can only guess whether it is true or not.