Quick Guide: Avoid Mistakes in Gambling, Part II.

When a gambler is on a winning streak, they often become greedy to the
point of no return. Here is why you should think twice before you bet.

You’re on a streak of improbable wins. You entered the casino with USD 100
and now you’re at USD 250. Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” is on repeat in your
head and Freddie Mercury is right: nothing can stop you from winning USD
10,000 and starting a whole new life.

The problem with this is, that usually winning streaks don’t last forever. It is one
thing to walk out when you have already gambled away all of your money. It is,
however, extremely hard, to stand up and call it a night when you have just won
a crazy pile of cash.


Your bets grow bigger by the minute mistakes


People on the high of fluke wins start upping their bets. They may have started
with betting USD 30, but now that they have won, why not bet USD 300? It is the
thrill of the chase, the anticipation that gets to these players. And it is what leads
them to eventually lose.mistakes


If you really are on a lucky streak, do yourself a favor and stop playing once you
have won a great deal. Because remember: the more you bet, the more you can
lose. Always lose the amount that you’ve previously deemed okay to lose, and
never the amount that you have readjusted five times already.