When Bets Turn On You

Howard Lederer, famous for being a vegan, downed a beef burger in a bet
thought up by David Grey. He then decided to take revenge.

So, does eating a beef hamburger qualify as being vegan? Here, I’ll ask you
another question. If I am allergic to seafood, is it okay to eat seafood? Hint: the
answer should be same to both questions. Yes, you guessed it! The answer is
“No.” A very, VERY obvious no.

As far as crazy bets between friends go, this is a bet that has somewhat of an
evil edge to it. Just think about it: you know full well that your friend turns green
even from thinking of eating meat. They’re vegan. Each time they look at a juicy,
red piece of meat, they think of what the animal had to sacrifice and imagine its
bloody death. No appetizing, is it now? Even for someone who eats meat.

The tables turn, cue: olives


So. David Grey bet Lederer USD 10,000 that he couldn’t (more like, wouldn’t) eat
a hamburger. But, “The Professor” Lederer took a deep breath, thought of the
money, and just downed the meaty, oily beef burger. And then he decided to take

Lederer beat the odds, and thought, “Why not go one further?” He bet Grey
(who despises olives) double or nothing to eat a couple of olives. Shouldn’t be so
hard to overcome the hatred of olives for a large amount of money? Well, it was.
Grey refused to eat them and Lederer went home USD 20,000 richer. Nice go!