…The Weather Will Be Sunny And Nipples Today…

Stranger things have, in fact happened, but is running around a meadow completely naked qualify? Yes, yes, it does.

Another unusual bet was born when Doris Tiller, a weather forecaster decided that it was time to add a twist to bets because they were too boring. Although for most of us, this bet would mean immediate and utter humiliation, for a 27-year-old model, it must’ve been more like a session of sunbathing.

Ms. Tilier agreed to present the weather forecast without her clothes on if France’s football team managed to qualify in the 2014 World Cup. Lucky for men watching the weather forecast that night, the French team beat the Ukranians and got in to play in the 2014 World Cup.


Running around naked in rain boots


While I guess most of you, dear readers, imagine this scene in slow motion, with Ms. Tillier undressing herself in front of the camera while saying dirty words, you can only get a glimpse of her glorious body from afar. Feminists might call this a hugely stupid bet, I, however, think it is a funny way to boost viewer numbers.


French TV network Canal+ decided to give the green light for the fulfillment of this bet, but had problems in showing completely naked models up close in prime time. Eventually, they agreed to the forecast being shot on a meadow where we can see Ms. Tillier running in the distance naked in her boots. Laugh Out Loud.