Quick Guide: Avoid Mistakes in Gambling, Part IV.

How long do gamblers usually play on a slot machine? A couple of hours, or
is it way more? The answer is astonishing.

You go into a casino, sit down at a slot machine and start playing. Time is ticking
away and you’re having a great time. Then you glance at the clock and realize:
five hours have passed. Where did all the time go? According to Bill Burton
Casino Gambling Expert, however, playing for five hours is, for some, a short
period of time.

Bill Burton’s research showed that many people also regularly play 10 to 14
hours. This, however, reaches the pinnacle of gambling obsession and is not
even productive. Some reasons for why these gamblers tend to play so much at a
given time can be chalked up to more than one element.

Losing themselves is the most common explanation avoid


People account of instances where they got sucked in by the sound effects and
colors of the video games, the outside world completely disappearing. Casino
Gambling Expert Bill Burton says that casinos are designed this way on purpose:
a fantasy world where everything is fun and games and the atmosphere makes
you feel good.


Who would want to leave Disneyland? I wouldn’t, that’s for sure. Just keep in
account that unless you’re experiencing fluke wins, you’re losing money over an
extensive period of time. Not all marathon gamblers are there for the hypnosis,
however: some simply never have the time to go to a casino, so they want to
make most of these rare occasions. Ten hours is still too much, though.