When An Arsenal Fan Goes Too Far

This bet takes being a football fan to a whole new level. Can someone love a
team so much that they bet their house on it? Yes, they can.

Isn’t betting your house and wife on a football match going a tad too far? Arsenal
fan Henry Dhabasani didn’t think so when he made a wager with his friend,
Rashid Yiga (Manchester United fan.) Did he think that there was a universe
where this bet would’ve ended well?

As far as crazy bets between friends go, this is bound to be one in the top 10
most stupid ones. Both gentlemen (yeah, right) from Uganda decided that they
had just too many wives at their disposal, it was time to play double or nothing.

The two football fans wagered things they hold dearest


The specifics: Henry Dhabasani (the Arsenal-lover) bet his house and one of his
three wives that Arsenal would win. His betting rival, Rashid Yiga, bet his car (a
Toyota Premio according to The Mirror) and his wife on a Manchester United
win. The wager was binding because it was witnesses by tribal elders.

To make the unusual bet more interesting, the wager was put in writing, too.
When the umpire blew the last whistle and the realization dawned upon him that
he lost, Dhabasani fainted. The father of five was forced to leave his two-room
house during the next day. There is no news on the wife, though.