Finland’s Philanthropic Slot Machines

Fun, games and charity: three elements that go great together with Finland’s
smart approach.

An unlikely event in the gambling industry: Finland’s Slot Machine
Association, or RAY, decided that proceeds of some thousands of slot machines
should go to charity. Slot machines for this purpose are available in thousands of
locations: hotel, restaurants, markets, service stations etc.

According to their website, RAY also has three of its own gaming arcades.
Currently, the charitable slot machines only operate in one casino, (Finland’s
only casino,) Casino Helsinki. They plan to open another casino by the end of this
year, too.

RAY slot games are not only available in live form


RAY has had online slot games from 2013, which are available for mobile phones
and tablets since 2015, too. Why not try to beat the odds while being charitable?
Machines are maintained by the businesses where they are used and revenues go
to numerous types of charities.

The organization decided on a vast array of charities to which the proceedings
can go, and it truly is a diverse selection. They support Finnish war veterans and
associations who help those with mental illnesses and substance abuse
problems. They also give money to child protective services. What a wonderful
way to raise money for charity!