Murray Is On Your Butt, Mate

Why oh why would you bet on tattooing something on yourself? Oh, right. At
least you didn’t bet your wife.

Another unusual bet, ladies and gentlemen: here is a young man, who thought
his bottom would never be used as a canvas for someone’s art project. Well, it
was. To be fair, though, the outcome was something not many people predicted
would happen…


According to The Mirror, Will Hirons avid Andy Murray fan made the mistake of
picking up his phone one day and posting on Twitter. The fan from Hereford
tweeted the following: “@andymurray what a tennis player, your face will be
tattoed on my ass.”


PIC BY MIKE JONES / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: Will Hirons tattoo) - A tennis fan has been left feeling sore after Andy Murrays Wimbledon victory - after getting the grinning Scot inked on his BUM. Tennis nut Will Hirons, from Hereford, told pals that if his favourite player, Murray, managed to make history and lift the trophy, he would get a tattoo of the moment on his backside. And when Murray triumphed on Sunday, Wills mates wouldnt let him forget the bet - and marched him to the tattoo studio. SEE CATERS COPY.

But let’s not stop at one tat-bet, shall we?


Probably after many decades of unlucky tennis matches, Hirons thought hell
would freeze over before Murray won. But, beating the unlikely odds, Murray
proved more than one people wrong when he beat Novak Djokovic in straight
sets. So, the 27 year-old car valet Will Hirons selected his favorite photo of
Murray and went to the tattoo parlor.

But Hirons won’t stop at only one tattoo of one sports legend on his bum. In a
short statement, he said, “I’ve already told my friends I’ll get the England cricket
team on the other side if they win the Ashes.”