Quick Guide: Avoid Mistakes in Gambling, Part V.

But it’s for free! Yes, we know, but boozing it up while trying to concentrate
on a game is not the way to go.

You walk into a casino. You sit down at a table. Almost seconds later, there’s a
glass of something alcoholic in front of you. You smile to yourself, because you
know: it’s complimentary. Basically, they give you a gift to make you feel better
while you’re already there to play and entertain yourself.

You play for hours and every now and then, knock back a few cocktails. You say
to yourself, that you’ll make up for the money you lost my simply drinking the
casino out of its wealth. This, however, is one of the most common gambling

One thing’s for sure: you’ll lose more money


Think about it. You can’t possibly drink enough to make up for your losses. You
wouldn’t be able to leave the casino. And what’s more, you’ll brain will slow
down, your senses will become sluggish and chances are, you’re not going to
perceive the connections that you should in order to win.

According to Bill Burton Casino Gambling Expert, you should simply celebrate
afterwards. Or, if you really want to indulge your gambling obsession and party
animal side, maybe limit yourself to one or two drinks (depending on your
alcohol tolerance.)