Quick Guide: Avoid Mistakes in Gambling, Part VI.

Do you know what a Slot Club Card is? Have you used one? If your answer to
both of these questions is “no,” read on.

According to Bill Burton Casino Gambling Expert, your “Comp card” or Slot Club
Card may prove to be one of your favorite, prized possessions. With it, it doesn’t
matter if you’re losing or experiencing a case of fluke wins, the card will always
provide you with something extra.

The card is basically a customer’s loyalty card for those who prefer to play
mostly on slot machines. Why? Because more profits come in from slots than
from game tables. Casinos decided that slot players should be rewarded and
given an incentive.

There are combines cards, too


In some casinos, you can get these cards not only for playing on slots; sometimes
they combine some table game with the slots or you just get one, no mater which
game you choose. However, since mostly people have no idea that these cards
exist, they don’t use them, which is a common gambling mistake.

So, before you visit a casino, do some research. Check out their loyalty programs,
because trust me you’ll be extremely happy once you get the rewards, which can
be a vast array of things: complimentary rooms, meals or tickets to shows.
Playing in a casino got so much better, right?