Strangest Bets Of Our Times, Part I.

If you have ever wondered what people choose to bet on in their free time,
read on. If you want to roll on the floor laughing, read on, too.

Betting on sports is one thing. I can even understand some crazy bar bets. But
these bets, ladies and gentlemen, are really something. Some of these will
definitely have you gaping and asking yourself: WHY? So, let’s get right to the
first part of the top six, compiled by Business Insider.

Do you love music? Of course you do. And, if you do love music (real music,) then
you won’t be familiar with this boy band, but just for the record: this bet is about
which One Direction member will leave the band first. See? I knew you have no
idea who they are. You love music too much.


We all know, movies are VERY important… but this?

Once again, here is another incredibly imperative question about equally crucial
matters (no, I’m no talking about world hunger): who will be the actor playing
Edward Snowden in the movie about him? Very important question, indeed. Talk
about unusual bets

Oh, I absolutely adore this next one. It is one that a small child would worry
about: will 2013 be a white Christmas? Here are the places in question and the
odds: Chicago (5/6); New York (2/1); London (4/1); Paris (10/1) and Madrid
(12/1.) I can’t really remember that far back, but the odds seem about right…