Strangest Bets Of Our Times, Part II.

We have previously seen bets about life-changing subjects, like the weather
and movies. The next three won’t be so different, either, I’m afraid…

Thanks to Business Insider, we are now in possession of the most unusual bets
we have ever seen. And that’s saying something. Now, without further ado, here
are the remaining three crazy subjects of bets. Brace yourself.

Let’s get a tad political, shall we? The next bet was made regarding Julien
Assange: “How will Julien Assange leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London?”
There were many creative responses, like “Diplomatic bag,” or “Laundry van”
and my personal favorites: “Hot air balloon” and “Jet pack.” Ha-ha, Internet.

Extraterrestrial activity will always be trendy


The next one could easily be a crazy bet between friends, too. For all of you sci-
fi lovers out there: “When will alien life be proven?” The dates listed go from
2013 to 2018, so betters who placed their faith in UFOs still have a couple of
years to lose the money they put on E.T. appearing.

Last, but not least, we have another political bet, one that has raised many
controversies over the years. The question is simple, yet still brings shudders to
most people: “Will Obama close Guantanamo Bay?” And here are the answers
and the odds: Yes (9/4) and No (2/7.) Makes one think, doesn’t it?